Makes Brands Matter

Ogilvy Rebrands Itself After 70 Years With New Visual Identity, Logo and Organizational Design

One classic agency showed its new face to the world today following nearly two years’ worth of restructuring moves, staffing changes and new financial reporting standards – not to mention the usual ins, outs, ups and downs of the ad world.

Seventy years to the day after copywriter David Ogilvy decided to launch his own operation in Manhattan, the company that bears his name announced its “re-founding” as a creative network that “Makes Brands Matter,” according to a new tagline.

Along with this positioning comes a new logo, color scheme, website, organizational design, consultancy practice, digital platform and employee video.

Visual identity
Brian Collins, founder and chief creative officer of the design firm that bears his name, worked with Ogilvy to give the agency its new look. “The Ogilvy experience is about the relentless pursuit of excellence,” he said. “Its clients, its team members, its partners – they all feel the same drive that ignites the whole company.”

Collins, who served as CCO of the Brand Integration Group at Ogilvy before launching his own venture in 2007, added, “In my decade as part of the Ogilvy team I felt it firsthand. It$s been an honor for my team to work with Ogilvy to redefine their company – and their experience – in a way that’ll power them far into the future.”

Ogilvy revised its logo font along with a brighter Pantone red and a a subtler palette including grey, pink, blue and yellow. According to the press release, these developments symbolize Ogilvy’s desire to modernize while hewing to the principles that made it stand out in the first place. …

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